Short updates

I am currently in Reykjavik, Iceland. I planned to spend five days here, and today is already my third day. I spent three days in London before coming here, and will be going back to London again for a day before heading to Dublin.
I’ll make some posts about my journeys in London and Reykjavik once I arrive in Dublin. I’ll also put the prices and budget so you guys can plan your journey here too.

Two days here, all I can say is Iceland is a really beautiful country. You can try Icelandic Traditional foods everywhere in the city but as far as I know, there is no Halal food here (I heard that there’s actually one Halal restaurant opened recently but I did not go there yet so idk), so I need to be a vegetarian / seafood eater for five days. Just tried grilled whale for lunch today and it was delllliiiicious!

Alright. Wish me all the best and pray that I’ll cone back in one piece. Haha.


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